101 of Optem Fusion Microimaging System


At Vision 2021, the Excelitas Technologies Corp has launched the optem fusion micro imaging system to deliver end-to-end, innovative, and market-driven photonic solutions. The primary aim of Excelitas Technologies for creating such a product was to cater to the present needs of micro-imaging applications in OEM systems. To do so, Excelitas Technologies has combined the mechanical interface with bi-directional infinity optics and has manufactured the optem fusion microimaging system.

Features of optem fusion microimaging system

Here are the innovative features that make optem fusion microimaging system one of its kinds:

  • Recognized quality

Excelitas Technologies takes pride in the highest quality components with which the optem fusion microimaging systems are manufactured. The custom assemblies and modules provided with the product featured leading-edge innovation, significantly impacting global resourcing. In addition, the extensive research that the professionals of Excelitas have out in behind the optem fusion microimaging system makes the Qioptiq the perfect supplier and partner.

  • Expertise in versatile microimaging

With over 100 years of experience in the optical industry, today, Qioptiq of Excelitas Technologies delivers precise optical solutions that can be easily used for surgical purposes, semiconductor processing, DNA sequencing, metrology, and many more.

  • Configured to applications

The optem fusion microimaging system uses the robust optical design and the components of standard fusion lens matrix to manufacture such a product capable of any optical microscopic feature into the open fusion lens system. The customized configurations are cost-effective and simple.

  • Fluorescence imaging

In the optem fusion microimaging system, two modules use the Zeiss type 91029 cubes supplied by the user. While the lower module provides system fluorescence illumination and imaging, the purpose of the upper module is to promote two distinct wavelengths that can be directed to two separate cameras.

  • Extraordinary design

The optem fusion microimaging system has a modular design. The infinity-corrected optics provide the most versatility in machine vision. The three distinct optical functions of the optem fusion microimaging system are:

  • Fixed magnification
  • 7:1 zoom lens
  • 12.5:1 zoom lens

The optem fusion microimaging system possesses camera mounts, camera tubes, lower function modules, and lower magnification lenses to meet the lens’s exact form, function, performance, and imaging requirements.

Specifications of the optem fusion microimaging system

The detailed specifications of the optem fusion microimaging systems are as follows:

  • Configurable with versatile, zoom, or economic fixed magnification functionality
  • Consolidated focus, digital, illumination, and touch-pad control of zoom
  • Enclosed stepper motors reduced operational contamination and simplified cable management
  • Improved 3-point and barrel design dovetail coupling promote robust lens assembly
  • Improved service life and optomechanics extend reliability
  • Inline mount blocks afford multi-point mounting along lens system length for maximum imaging stability.
  • Integrate 50/50 cubes 90-degree mirror cubes and modify the optical path to change fit and shape
  • Integrated LED illumination options
  • Magnification up to 12X and NA up to 0.19 with standard components
  • NOW polychromatic wavelength range
  • Optimized for C, CS, F, EOS, 4/3 camera mount, and almost any format
  • Stepper motorized zoom and focus options
  • Working distance from 13 – 490 mm


Therefore, with the immense range of functions and versatility, the optem fusion microimaging system of Excelitas Technologies is a perfect product for areas that require micro-imaging technology with proper illumination.

Abel Eino
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