4 Ways Of Using Tik Tok For Your Business


Is your target audience or clientele on Tiktok? The digital platform has become the most interactive platform that businesses would ignore at their peril.

 Tiktok is the kind of brand that will command tech, political, and culture headlines, giving your video go viral faster than it would on other platforms. Any business’s greatest marketing achievement is to attract massive traffic on their website. This article will show you just how to do that using TikTok.

Is your audience on TikTok?

What is TikTok? TikTok is the newest social media trend that seems to have gained prominence during the pandemic. On Google Play alone, it has more than half a million active users every month. On the App Store, TikTok has been downloaded by close to 1.5 users.

TikTok is a platform for uploading videos that last anywhere between 15 to 20 seconds of user recorded videos. It allows editing 3d image viewer from tiktok.

The most recent demographic indicates that TikTok active users are between 16-24 years. It is not a fad platform for Generation Z, as many people may think. Since 2018 when it was introduced, it has evolved from a video loading app to a platform where users can express their skills, talents to an advertising and marketing haven.

See how brands explore Instagram to interact with their clients with content, live videos, stories, and posts? TikTok works just the same. You’ ll find your media personality, a politician, and your grocery vendor on TikTok. Basically, TikTok is for anyone who wants to show their lighter creative side of life. Here’s how you can use it for your brand marketing and advertising.

Step #1 Create your own content on TikTok

Is yours a new brand? TikTok can give you mileage if you use it effectively to market.

Be authentic with your content

Not every one of social media platforms has access to a good camera feature on their phone, or media production budget. Their smartphone is what they have and so, use the same to create your content. When you identify your brand with your audience on their terms, they’ll identify and easily accept what you have to offer.

Go with the twin game-changing ingredients

 Pets and children seem to be the combination that goes viral too quickly. Owing to the young audience on TikTok, there’s more audience for children and pets-oriented videos. If you have a pet in your firm, you can feature an employees’ kid dancing or playing with it. Then, hashtag the dancing challenge and watch it go viral. Bear in mind that TikTok is the place for fun, entertainment, and humor. Do exactly that.

Add your signature spin

This platform is about community engagement, so find a unique and adopt it. Participate in hashtag creative challenges. If you have a unique story that tells you apart from other competitors, then go ahead and share it. Check what others ahead of you have done theirs, adopt it, add your personal spin to it and hashtag the video.

Before you create your content, learn TikTok’s video uploading style. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the menu. This will open the Discover page displaying top trending hashtags, and videos. You’ll learn a thing or two from the trailblazers.

Step # 2 Create your unique video

Once you’re ready to create your debut video, click on the black plus button at the bottom of the screen. Allow permission for TikTok to access your photos, microphone and camera.

Next, a recording page with a red enclosure will appear to start recording your clip. Select a 15 or 60 seconds option before you begin the shoot. Then, let the camera roll to capture the moments.

Step # 3 Add music and effects

TikTok allows you to enhance your clip with music and other creative effects. Most users create lip-sync to popular songs. In a way, you’re creating your unique style for your video clip.

Tap the song option at the end of your recording screen. The sound library will pop open, allowing you to browse trending playlists, new music releases, video game theme tunes and the most recent genres. Save your favorite selection and tap the bookmark icon.

Step # 4 Share the video

Tap the red enclosure with a white checkmark at the far right of your screen. Tap Next. You’ll get various sharing options to help package your clip. Press the red button to Post your video or the white Drafts to save for future use.

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