8 Crucial Tips for Traveling Your Horse


Summer is fast approaching, and you’re probably planning to grace the season’s horse shows. One of the primary concerns for many equestrians is the heat and the effect on your horses. The horse trailer repair is lingering in your mind, but you should also plan to ferry your horse the safest way.

Follow the tips below to keep your horses cool, comfortable, and ready for the shows ahead.

  • Coach your horse to load and unload

Your horse will make several trips in his lifetime. It is critical to train him how to load the trailer calmly and how to unload safely. Typically, when a horse is heated up, it can become edgy, agitated, and clumsy. The emotional turmoil can stress it and disorient coordination and movement.

However, coaching it to load and unload calmly keeps it cool, calm, and collected.

  • Do away with the liner, wrap, or blankets

Many equestrians lay a thin blanket over the horseback to keep it tidy. However, the lining traps a layer of heat and reduces the horse’s ability to regulate temperature. Remember, the trailer is as cool as the air circulating within. The rule of thumb is that if you’re sweating in, the horse can feel the heat too.

Also, remember that the trailers’ interior is 20 degrees warmer than the outside environment.

  • Adequately ventilate the trailer

It is imperative to ventilate the trailer hours before departure. Remove any clutter that may prevent free circulation. Open the door and window to allow stale air out.

You can also enhance the air circulation by adding a fan. However, switch on the AC only when the trailer is in motion.

  • Throw a rubber mat on the floor

Your horse will be as comfortable as you treat it. You can enhance its stability during the journey by placing a rubber mat on the trailer floor. The mat also keeps heat from the horse’s legs. If you wish, you can add some wood shavings to cushion the legs further.

  •  Load the trailer tidily

Be systematic while loading the trailer. Load all the equipment and trunks before leading the horse in once the ventilation and floormat are in place. Pack all the essentials first, then bring the horse last. Be keen to start your journey immediately the horse is in because delaying the trip can irritate it.  Additionally,  the air circulation is better when the trailer is moving, thus making the horse cozy.

  • Plan the trip

Plan to travel in the morning when temperatures are low. Alternatively, you can make your trip at dusk to skip the heat of the midday sun. Traveling during the day heats the trailer, and the sun rays hit the horses, causing them discomfort.

  •  Quench thirst on arrival

Your horse will be hot and tired from the long trip. It is imperative to offer adequate, clean water on arrival. The water helps the horse to hydrate and restore the body’s optimum temperature.

  • Mind your packing area

On arrival, ensure the parking area is free from direct sun or heat. Packing in the sun will heat the trailer, making the horse uncomfortable and dehydrated.

Moving your horse around during peak season is inevitable. Prepare early and adequately to promote its comfort for ultimate performance.

Abel Eino
the authorAbel Eino