Balancing Toner: Your Next Skincare Routine Booster


With acne development during the puberty stage, many of us, both men and women, become insecure about our facial appearance. Mostly, people take alcohol-based products to clear out those acne lesions, but not everyone’s skin would adapt to the scorching alcohol effect. The balancing toner, a non-alcohol skincare product, comes here to help save you from all the skincare troubles.

Maybe you have been wondering what you are missing in your daily beauty routine? You have all the makeup to cover your face, but you aren’t fully satisfied. A balancing toner is all you need. Skim through this article and have a glimpse of what we mean when we say a balancing toner is your savior.

What is a balancing toner?

In the olden days, balancing face toners were astringent products with an alcohol formulation. The products were generally used for people with oily skin and acne to clear their faces. Also, according to some dermatologists, balancing toners were used as PH stabilizers after using other cleansers. Currently, balancing face toners are water-based and are available for use to cleanse the face after makeup removal, removes dirty particles on skin pores, and reduces the pores. Additionally, balancing toners are used and primers to your makeup.

The usefulness of balancing toner to the skin

Balancing toners could be classified depending on skin types. After you cleanse your skin, the toner is used to remove excessive stubborn dirt and oil, preparing your skin to absorb the moisturizer.

  • Removes Impurities

As per Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist, a balancing face toner acting as an extra cleaning product to remove the suborn dirty left on your skin after washing off with other cleaning products. It will clear the excess oil, makeup, bacteria, and dust particles as well.

  • Reduces skin pores

The exterior skin pores are highly visible when they are clogged with oil and other dirty debris. When you use balancing toner in your skincare routine, you rub the water-based product gently on the skin with cotton wool. The toner clears all the remaining oil and dirt filling the pores; hence the remaining effect is shrinking pore holes.

  • Boosts Skin PH

Naturally, our skin has an acidic PH ranging between five and six. However, the PH is bound to changes due to the difference brought by the alkaline cleanser we use to wash our bodies. Adding a balancing toner in your face care routine helps stabilize the PH changes quickly instead of relying on the natural skin PH stabilization functionality, which leads to excessive oil production.

  • Moisturize the Skin

Balancing toners have humectant conditioning ingredients the sorts of aloe vera. The humectants work tirelessly to bind moisture to the skin, leaving a moisturized feeling which gets your skin glowing and healthy.

  • Improved skin Protection

The balancing toners work by removing lingering excess oils and dirt debris in the skin pores. Once removed, the skin pores shrink, and this protects the skin against dirt and bacteria penetration.

People are adapting the Korean traditions of skincare routine to boost their beauty. Our skin types differ greatly, such that one product would be perfect for me but disappointing your skin. Therefore, before you settle on any skincare product like the balancing toners, you should understand your skin type and needs.

Abel Eino
the authorAbel Eino