BCA Cyber Security and Analytics: A Detailed Guide


Cyber attacks have become quite common today because of the enhancements in the world of Information Technology. Cyber Security and analytics have become an essential part of businesses to ensure that they are protected from any cyberattacks or data breaches. There is a huge demand for people with a degree in cyber security and data analytics. One of the top courses that one can choose is BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications), with a specialisation in cyber security and data analytics.

BCA Cyber Security is a three-year undergraduate course that focuses on the tools, protocols, and software related to data analytics and cyber security. Students who plan to pursue the course will learn about defending networks, computer operating systems, and data from potential cyberattacks. Data analytics helps companies make major decisions based on the data collected and scientific research.

There are many top BCA Cyber Security colleges in India that you can choose from, depending on your requirements. So, if you plan to study BCA Cyber Security, we have all the information that you need.

BCA Cyber Security: Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the Bachelor in Computer Application with specialisation in cyber security and data analytics might differ from one university or college to another. Here are some common eligibility requirements that you need to fulfil.

  • Students need to pass the 12th standard from one of the recognised boards in India with at least 50% aggregate score.
  • Some universities/colleges might have entrance tests for entry into the course. Thus, checking the college/university website to understand the BCA cyber security entry requirements is essential.

Understand the eligibility criteria properly before you plan to study for the degree. This will ensure that you are aware of the entrance test dates and any other important information regarding the admission process.

BCA Cyber Security Syllabus

The BCA Cyber Security syllabus has two parts. The first is the syllabus related to cyber security and the second is the syllabus related to data analytics that will be covered in the course. Both syllabus are given below for your reference.

Subjects of Cyber Security

Creative English Introduction To Programming Using C Foundational Mathematics
Case Tools Lab (CIA Only) Hardware Lab (CIA Only) Digital Computer Fundamentals
Statistics I For BCA Communicative English Basic Discrete Mathematics
C Programming Lab PC Software Lab Software Engineering
Financial Accounting Database Management Systems Operating Systems
Data Structures Data Structures Lab Domain Lab (Cia Only)
Interpersonal Communication Introductory Algebra Financial Management
Visual Programming Lab Computer Networks Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
Unix Lab Oracle Lab C++ Lab
Professional English OOAD Using UML Web Technology Lab
Programming In Java Graphics And Animation DBMS Project Lab
Client-Server Computing Language Lab(CIA Only) Graphics And Animation Lab
Java Programming Lab User Interface Design UNIX Programming
Python Programming Business Intelligence Computer Architecture
Cloud Computing Advanced Database Management System


Python Programming Lab
Business Intelligence Lab Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Web Designing Project
Multimedia Applications Introduction To Soft Computing


Subjects of Data Analytics

Data Structures & Algorithms Retail Analytics Data Visualisation
Business Fundamentals Pricing Analytics Probability & Statistics
Social Network Analytics Marketing Analytics Data Manipulation Using PL / SQL Programming
Retail Analytics Text Analytics Statistical Analysis
Machine Learning Simulation Data Science Industry Use Cases
Software Engineering Lab Customer Analytics Supply Chain Analytics
Big Data Analytics (Tool Based) Real-Time Data Processing Database Management Systems Lab
Internet of Things Computer Networks Scientific Programming Using R (Tool Based)

Top Skills for BCA Cyber Security and Analytics Degree

To get meaningful employment after completing your BCA Cyber Security from one of the top BCA Cyber Security colleges in India, it is essential that you update your knowledge and skills. It is also important to learn about the modern ways of cyber attacks and the way these can be tackled. Some of the top skills that you need are:

  • Cloud security – There is an increasing threat of cyberattacks and, therefore, the need to ensure cloud security. Thus, ways to tackle these are required.
  • Analysis and mitigation of risk – It is essential to have skills for identifying any potential cyberattacks that might take place.
  • Black hat thinker – In this skill, you need to think like a hacker and understand any cyberattacks before they cause harm to the system or steal data.
  • Analysis and reversing of malware – This is the skill in which cyber security professionals need to work fast to recover systems from any malware attacks that have occurred.
  • Intrusion detection – The skill to use the software that is used to detect any Trojans or powerful viruses that might attack the system and cause harm.

BCA Cyber Security is one of the best courses that you can pursue if you think you have some of these skills. These skills can also be acquired during your course. Moreover, a career in cyber security after BCA would require you to be on top of all these skills.

BCA Cyber Security Careers

After completing your BCA Cyber Security from one of the best BCA Cyber Security colleges in India, you can choose from the following job profiles.

Security Architect Security Software Developer Incident Responder
Cryptographer Chief Information Security Officer Security Code Auditor
Vulnerability Assessor Security Administrator Security Specialist
Security Auditor Forensic Expert Penetration Tester
Security Manager Security Consultant Security Analyst
Security Engineer

Top Recruiters After BCA Cyber Security

Some of the top recruiters include:

Apple Microsoft Amazon
Google KPMG Instagram
Intel Facebook Linkedin
Deloitte TataiQ CRISIL
HDFC Barclays eBay
Cisco Axis Bank Novartis
Twitter Boeing HSBC


These are all the details that you will need at the time of applying for the BCA Cyber Security and Analytics course. Before you choose the right course, it is essential that you conduct thorough research and understand all the eligibility criteria. You can also take help from one of the top education services providers in the country to get admission to one of the top BCA Cyber Security colleges in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is BCA good for studying cyber security?

Yes, BCA in Cyber Security is one of the top courses that you can pursue if you are looking for a degree in cyber security. Some of the best colleges in India offer a BCA degree with a specialisation in cyber security.

  • What is BCA in cyber security?

BCA in Cyber Security is a three-year undergraduate course. It is a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications with a specialisation in cyber security. You can pursue the course from one of the top colleges/universities in India or abroad.

  • Can BCA students learn cyber security?

Yes, you can learn cyber security with a BCA degree. You can choose to pursue BCA in Cyber Security so that you can get employed in the area of your interest.

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