Best Ways To Improve Client Intake Process Of Legal Firms


The client intake process is deliberated as an indispensable stair in building a prosperous business empire. The legal intake process fundamentally means the period, work profile, and decisions convoluted in between the duration of selection and initialization of the work on the ground. This encourages the proceedings of a case to be completed in a smooth and comfortable style. This concept is not new, especially in the legal arena. However, the pattern is outdated. This outline needs to be amended to augment the quality of client intake as this feature will be reflected in the numbers of the company’s profit margin positively. 

Below discussed are some less-popular but highly effective ways to improve the client intake process of Legal Firms- 

  • By working on Company’s Management Approach

The client intake process is the most vital meeting for both client and the brand. Hence this must be well-organized and properly managed. There must be ample time dedicated to this step to effectively carry out the screening process. The team members should take care of some important points like,

  • Establishing a fruitful conversation without divulging the topic
  • Letting the client speak and express himself before striking a counter-question
  • Paying proper attention to the case details
  • Striving to sort maximum confusions and queries in the very first meeting
  • Must do their research about the case before interacting directly with the client
  • Do not put up much paperwork in the very first meeting
  • Note down the information sincerely

These things reflect the excellence of the management department of a company. This not only helps that brand to improve intake but also helps in gaining the client’s trust. 

  • Explain Company’s Policies to Clients

This is quite a reliable approach to explain the company’s policy to the clients within the intake process only. This helps both parties to make a sound decision without any sense of doubt. The client must know how the company prefers to reply to their client’s question. What is their time of interaction? How often do they provide unsolicited updates to their clients? And what is the billing pattern of the company? There must also be a couple of alternate contact numbers that can be shared with the clients to call in emergencies. The more familiar a client is about the terms and conditions of the company, the safer he will feel about collaborating. 

  • Promotion of the use of Technology

The law firms that are experts in engaging with their clients through the online medium are far more attractive to clients than the other ones. As there are no limitations in the mode of interaction and this increases the efficiency of work. 


A great lawyer is a sum of his clients. The more he can fetch good clients, the greater his chances of increasing his market value. Hence, the client legal intake process must be taken seriously and performed under the supervision of the best industry experts available, along with keeping in mind the above effective ways. The time spent in this process is indeed a worthy investment.

Abel Eino
the authorAbel Eino