Earnity, Dan Schatt & Domenic Carosa: The Advantages of Bitcoin Mining


Almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but few people know how to mine it. So before you start wondering how you can mine something that only exists in the digital space, you need to understand what it is. But once you know, you will be well on your way to discovering all of the benefits of Bitcoin mining. In this article, Earnity’s industry experts, Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa will share some of the advantages of bitcoin mining.

What is the Mining Process?

The procedure is straightforward, but if there are no safeguards in place, anyone can take advantage of it. After the miners validate the transactions, the nodes form a network resembling a peer-to-peer file-sharing network. As such, each confirmed transaction a miner creates requires a node to add it (the legitimate transaction) to its database, where it then adds to the total blockchain.

Is it possible to earn by mining Bitcoins?

Of course, earning money from cryptocurrency mining is not as simple as turning on your computer. While mining was relatively simple in the early days of cryptocurrency, it has since become a highly competitive business. Nonetheless, anyone can theoretically make money from cryptocurrency mining. Here are some of its advantages:

Advantages of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies have several benefits. Unlike traditional banks, which can freeze your assets, you have complete control over your Bitcoins at all times. Other notable aspects of cryptocurrency include:

  • Inability to imitate
  • Fee reductions
  • Everyone has access to the industry.
  • Immediate resolution (there are no third parties when closing on a new home)
  • Put an end to identity theft (credit uses a pull method to access funds while cryptocurrency pushes it through)

If you use cryptocurrency, you do not have to worry that someone else will steal the RFID information from your credit or debit card at the checkout! It will also eliminate identity theft. And because Bitcoin is a digital currency, there are no chances of counterfeiting. As more people use it, the global cost of goods and services will likely fall eventually.

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