Expand your Small Space Using Right Interior Design


Without making your home disintegrated, you can give it an appealing look. Limited space doesn’t mean you cannot interior design your home efficiently. Firstly, make sure you hire only creative-minded interior design Ft Worth professionals. Next comes the right steps to follow.

In this blog post, we’ll share with you some tips and tricks used by interior design Ft Worth experts.

Collapsible Furnishing

When we say collapsible furnishing, it’s way more than a classic sofa cum bed. Of course, it also works. But you don’t need to avoid placing a dining table or work desk because the room isn’t large enough. As you won’t be using them 24*7, you can consider getting folding furniture.

For instance, a wooden board attached to the wall by interior design Ft Worth professionals can flip open into a dining table. This way, you get a lot of empty floor space. Besides, the dining chairs you can use for other purposes at home.

Further, you can boost the storage space by adding wall-mounted bathroom vanities, storage ottomans in the living room, and tall glass-fronted cupboards in the kitchen.

Install Mirror

A slight structural adjustment can trick the eye into making the space look more spacious. Mirrors work quite effectively in small homes. The trick here is creating an illusion bigger room. Place it in front of the window and turn your space even bright and airy. Ensure to invest in a beautifully designed mirror to enhance the aesthetics.

Lights Never Go Wrong

Bad lighting creates a bad impression on any home. Since every inch matters when you live in a small studio apartment. A badly-lit room narrows the area even more. So, wall-mounted lighting fixtures are ideal alternatives to the table and standing lamps to make the most use of your space. This idea even helps free up table tops from clutter. Moreover, smartly installed wall sconces create a lively ambiance.

Floor to Ceiling Drapes

Properly furnishing your windows is another great hack to turn a small studio apartment spacious. Even if the windows are small in width in your home, higher hanging curtains can serve the purpose. It’s a modern interior design idea that can make small spaces appealing. Also, only choose subtle colored floor to ceiling curtains. Dark hues are a strict no-no in small-spaced rooms.

Calming Wall Paint

Never paint the walls of a small apartment in dark hues. You can create a soothing aura in your room by choosing neutral or pastel wall paint colors. For example, the optical white color gives a small room a vast and bolder feel. To add a dash of drama, place an elegant wallpaper on one main wall, again in a lighter shade.

Decorate Walls

There are a plethora of decor items that can improve a room’s aesthetics. It includes artifacts, wall hangings, frames, open shelves, and travel memorabilia. They exhibit a beauty quotient in an otherwise dull space. Also, creating niches on a specific wall does not occupy extra space yet make it look beautiful.

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