Five Important Elements of Custom Packaging Design


Packaging design is not only about making things look attractive or usable. It is also about taking products from being usable to being delightful and meaningful. Every design element needs to have a purpose to effectively relay your message and create your intended brand perception. You can properly execute a purposeful design by working with box packaging and design experts.

Also, you must keep in mind some important design elements such as the following:


Every custom box’s element should appeal and lead your customers to the message your packaging or product will impart about your organization. This starts with the text printed outside or inside the box. The size and style must do the work for your customers. Customers tend to read the biggest text first and then shift their attention to the medium-sized text. But, you will also need the smallest sized text to complete your overall message.

Topography is not only about the size of the fonts or the font you use. You must also plan the spacing between letters, sentences, and words.


Your choice of color depends on how you wish to represent the product. Also, it must align with the design style guide of your brand. If you don’t have this guide or set of colors to represent your brand, think about the type of emotions you want to entice from the target market.  Make sure to pick colors that easily associate with the image your brand is projecting.


The majority of mailer boxes arrive with minimal text and graphics or without them at all. However, those blank spaces are left for a reason. They may emphasize bigger text or draw the eyes of the customers to your logo. You must be smart in using space as this guides your customers to whatever you want them to read, understand, or see. To effectively create and maximize space in the artwork, you can refer to modern minimalism.


With patterns, you can add embellishment on the inside of a custom box. Patterns should appeal to your market. If you own a feminine brand that targets teenagers, you can decorate the sides or flaps with fun, kitschy shapes like flowers or hearts.


Mailer boxes are available in white or brown corrugated cardboard. Consider a design with these colors as the base. Brown corrugated cardboard is ideal for brands that sell natural, organic health or beauty products. You can opt for the white version if you want darker colors or clean, minimalist designs.

Abel Eino
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