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Entrepreneurship and innovations these days walk hand in hand. It is more like a part of the capitalist economy and for the new business to take the risk is important. Certainly, for any start-up to have cost-effective ventures is needed. Due to this, the external capital can often spread the failure risk. With a favor to take the risk using the investment, the investors in the new start-ups would gain voting rights and even equity rights for some percentage of the amount. The venture capital like SWK holdings thus can be helpful to let the start-ups get the from the ground and become the part as a founder to reach the goal.

A venture capital investment-Another level of risk

There are so many start-ups who don’t make well in the market. This means the possibility of the early investors facing the issue is quite high. They are at the risk of losing the money they had put in. Besides, there is also a common thumb rule which is for any 10 start-ups there is likely to have at least four start-ups to fail. There have also been at least four start-ups to even lose some easy money or sometimes even return the original investment while one of the companies would create some substantial return.

The company percentage that ventures capitalists take:

As per the company stage, its profits, and the amount that is being invested, the founders and investors relation is built. Usually, the venture capitalist would take at least 20% to 50% of the ownership of the new company.

Advantages of venture capital

However, along with the risk comes some great benefits which a business owner can enjoy.  Some of them are:

Business expertise:

Other than providing financial support, getting the venture capital financing can also offer the new businessmen an important source to consult and guide. This would eventually help numerous decisions of the business that also includes the management of humans and even the financial management. Making the right decision in such key areas is extremely important for the business to grow.

Extra resources:

There have been so many critical cases such as tax, legal, and even personnel issues where Venture capital firms like SWK holdings can offer the most active support. Besides, all these are part of the growth and important stages for the young company. If the success is greater and growth is faster then of course any company would benefit.

Better connections:

Since venture capitalists usually have good connections in the business community, it can help the business grow better. If in such connections, the business is tapped in then it can offer tremendous advantages.


There is no doubt that the industry of the U.S. venture capital is growing quite a lot and has spread across the world as an important source for economic growth. But it is always better to have active information about such a company and understand how crucial it can be for start-ups.

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