How to Prepare Your Children to Go Back to School


It has been almost a year for some students without the chance to go to school. The health crisis prevented students from being in a regular classroom setting. While some managed to adjust, others didn’t. They suffered a year of not having the chance to learn in regular classroom settings. The good thing is that this problem is about to be over. We will soon have the opportunity to send our children to school. These are some tips to prepare them.

Show how excited you are

Some students liked learning from home, and your children might be among them. They love how flexible their schedule is. Now that they have to get back to school, they might not feel excited. They have to get up early and spend several hours studying. Show how excited you are so they also feel the same way. Tell them that you will also go back to the office and meet with your friends. If you show excitement, you can influence them to feel that way too.

Allow them to have private conversations with classmates

Give them enough time to communicate with classmates and catch up. It allows them to go start over. Socializing can be challenging for some students, and you should present opportunities to help them make friends.

Give them more time to play

When regular classes are back, your children can’t spend a lot of time playing anymore. They have to study their lessons. Therefore, it helps if you give them more time to play while they can. You can even buy soft play equipment online to elevate their experience of playing at home. Since they also learn while playing, you have to encourage them to do it.

Communicate with the school

There might be some changes with school policies. Communicate with the school to know more about these changes. You might have to prepare your children for what will happen next. You don’t want them to feel shocked since the school doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

Remind them of health and safety protocols

Even when this health crisis will soon be over, we should continue following health and safety protocols. There could be another pandemic on the horizon, and we have to stay safe. Your children have already learned to adjust after following these rules for a year. However, being in the school setting where they interact with other people can be challenging. Tell them what to do to avoid getting sick.

It takes time to convince your children that school is fun and exciting. It’s even more challenging since they had a taste of homeschooling for a year. Given the benefits of being in a regular school setting, you should make them feel excited about it. Talk to them about the changes and remind them of the benefits of being at school. Let them know that you don’t have high expectations regarding academic performance. Tell them to enjoy being at school while learning with friends.


Abel Eino
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