Inside Giveaway Ideas for Your Next Online Contest


Today, brands, creators, influencers, and organizations keep innovating to engage with their audience and appeal to them. What’s Inside Giveaway is a unique way for anyone on digital platforms to promote the services or products they are advertising. There are various ways to organize a giveaway contest to reward the audience for engaging in the game.

Though the idea of giveaways may look expensive at first, however, various companies have achieved their motives with this tactic only. Giveaways not only promote a brand or product but also helps brands create buzz on social media. Positively and well-planned giveaway contests always work and provide good returns.

Discount Codes

The digital world is quite crazy, and everyone here loves to save money with coupons or discount codes. You may choose to offer various discount codes depending on the product and the audience. The most loved discount codes are the ones that provide hefty saving opportunities to the customer.

Imagine getting a 50% off code on the purchase of $2000 from your favorite clothing store; you wouldn’t resist it. This is how discount codes encourage customers to try new products and brands.

Customized Daily Use Products with Branding

Customized Products make for a great reward and solution for the brand’s question, What’s Inside Giveaways in the next contest? One may use various products like water bottles, pens, typographic t-shirts, and much more for a giveaway.

The brands that use the daily used products in their giveaways must use high-quality products and do their branding. Any low standard products given away may damage the brand’s identity. Since the winners of giveaways may use customized items regularly, the brand reaches far beyond.

Special Edition Products

Brands often make and remake the same product with some touches to make it unique and exclusive. The Special Edition Products tend to appeal to many people, and since they’re special, they’re limited. The limited production of such products makes them popular amongst brand lovers and loyal customers.

Special Edition Products with some customizations can also make them ideal for giveaways and contest prizes. Customers are often fond of collecting, buying, and using exclusive products, and such giveaways can dramatically boost sales of the company.

Product Hamper

Are you tired of reading too many notifications from your brand’s audience asking, What’s Inside Giveaways? Well, tell them it’s a gift hamper with some of the finest products of your brand. Once they know it’s a gift hamper, they’ll be pleased to take part in your giveaways.

Sending a hamper to the contest winners allows them to use multiple products of the brand and spread the word. If the hamper’s products provide value to the winners, they will most likely recommend them to their friends.


There are various things brands and organizations can keep as the prize for winners. Giveaways often drive a lot of traffic and engagement for brands on social media. Moreover, if conducted properly, this can also boost sales and create new customers.

Abel Eino
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