Menswear Looks That Never Go Out of Style


Fashion trends come and go, but there are mainstays and essentials that every man should have in his wardrobe. Whether it’s a standalone item or combination, these looks have been seen in every style icon. And regardless if it’s 2021 or 2055, you can be sure to stay in style with these staples.

Check out these men’s wear classics that have stood the test of time.

Leather Oxford Lace-ups 

Whether it’s worn with a casual or formal ensemble, a pair of leather Oxford lace-ups oozes is an easy and timeless choice. Just like Derbys, sleek Oxfords anchor every stylish man’s getup. You can team them with denim jeans or trousers, a polo shirt or suit and tie, and you get a streamlined look. It’s the closed lacing system that gives it that subtle, elegant look without looking too formal.

Docker Shoes 

Dockers shoes are the Derby’s more casual cousin. It’s a staple for men who like to hang out at the marina, local museum, or country club. In other words, it’s relaxed but upscale, and undoubtedly stylish. You can run straight from work to a brunch with your parents and not feel out of place.

Plain Casual Shirt

It takes a confident and fashion-forward man to pull off a plain casual shirt. You can wear it as is along with dark denim jeans, black jogging pants, a stylish jacket, and basically any kind of footwear you have in your closet. It can be dressed down for laid-back hangouts or dressed up for work or intimate parties — the options are endless. ;

Dark Raw Jeans

Just like the plain white tee, dark raw jeans make for a seamless, easy look that will always be on-trend. It’s basically an all-around piece of clothing that you shouldn’t go without. It can be the perfect base for an all-day ensemble, whether you mean it or not.


Every man should own a high-quality pair of aviator sunglasses. Not only does it elevate any ensemble you manage to pull off, but it also protects your eyes. Invest in a good pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and you will enjoy it for many years.

Converse Sneakers

A classic pair of All-Star Converse sneakers (or Chuck T’s) is like the Ray-Ban of footwear. If you think this footwear is reserved for high schoolers with skateboards and pink hair, think again. This iconic footwear has stood the test of time for its simplicity, and there’s a reason its design has remained unchanged since its release in 1916.

Biker Leather Jacket 

Almost every male style icon has a pair of these. Pair it with a white or black tee, distressed jeans, and laced-up shoes and you can expect to get a nod for this impeccable ensemble. Celebrity style icons like Chris Evans, Bradley Cooper, and Justin Theroux are almost always seen wearing a leather jacket. And it’s not hard to see why.

Sweatshirt + Chino Trousers 

A sweatshirt is not always regarded as a high fashion item, but pair with a perfectly-fitting pair of chino trousers and it speaks “Ivy League.” This combo is preppy, but the good kind, and is easy to pull off in any weather. To achieve a clean and wholesome look, wear a white dress shirt underneath the sweatshirt.

Classic Gray Suit 

They say that every man should own three kinds of suits, namely the classic black suit, the blue suit, and the gray suit. But among these three options, it’s the last one that holds the title for the most “timeless” ensemble. Black suits tend to have a very specific purpose and could look over-the-top nowadays, and a blue suit is not always flattering for others. But you can never go wrong with a gray suit as it’s more versatile and can be both formal and semi-formal.

Dark, Straight-Cut Jeans

A pair of dark jeans should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Its flattering cut and neutral color pairs well with all kinds of tops. The classic straight leg jeans can go anywhere, be it school, a beach wedding, church, or even a fancy dinner.

Breton Top

Style icons spanning generations have been seen sporting the Breton top. Pablo Picasso, Mick Jagger, James Dean, Paul Newman, you name it. Its casual, summery vibe is easy to wear and broadens the shoulders. Think walking on the busy streets of Paris, eating baguettes, and sipping French wine. Heading to a party? Team it with a tailored blazer and brown Oxfords and you’re off to a great evening. ;

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe this year but don’t know where to start, consider stocking up on these men’s fashion staples first. You can be sure that they will stay in your closet for the years to come. ;

Abel Eino
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