Are you a cat owner? How many times do you feed your beloved pet? Which type of food do you feed them? We will discover the different varieties of pet food that you can use to sustain your cat.

Pet food is animal feed especially made for domesticated animals to meet their nutritional needs. The composition generally includes; meat, meat products, cereals, grain, vitamins, and minerals. In the case of feeding your cat, there is a specialty of food manufactured to meet all of your pet’s daily dietary and nutritional needs. Our feline friends are known to be picky eaters so whatever they’re nourished on should be food that doesn’t affect their mood or health.

By learning about the variety of cat food stocked in pet stores and supermarkets, you’ll be better armed to provide better nutrition to give your cat a long, healthy life. Cats are essentially carnivores which means they rely on animal-based food varieties for most of their nutrition and a few carbohydrates. Together with access to clean, fresh water always, your pet will be alert and healthy.


The evolution of your pet was from hunters so they must consume foods high in proteins. Other nutrients such as; minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids must be provided to their everyday diet. The following types of foods will provide proper sustenance to your fuzzy friend:

  1. Dry cat food – This type comes in small, dry, crunchy bits containing 6 – 10% water. They contained several ingredients such as various types of meat, grain, milk products, vitamin and mineral supplements. This is quite an inexpensive source of feeding for your quiet but you must be careful to mix the feed with bone broth or water to make it palatable for your cat. To ensure food safety, keep the feed in a tightly sealed bag in a cool, dry place.
  2. Semi-moist cat food – This feed is similar to kibble containing a moisture content of 35% and primarily comprising meat and meat products. Nevertheless, grain products, soybean meal, cereals, and preservatives are also used to create a balanced diet. The cost is mid-range and cats prefer this type owing to its palatability.
  3. Wet cat food – With a moisture content of 75%, this is the most palatable feed and is highly preferred by cats. The product is packaged in cans and pouches which should be refrigerated immediately after opening to increase the shelf-life. It has a wide variety of choices making it the most expensive of all the feeds and providing an invaluable source of dietary water.


The choice of food you give your cat determines their mood and how good of a company they provide you. It also determines how many trips you take to the vet. However, you must remember that cats are finicky eaters and prepare to experiment with different types of food to find the right fit. Whatever choice you go with, note to always read the nutritional label on the packaging. Select foods that have the right balance of nutrients and calories for the health of your pet.

Abel Eino
the authorAbel Eino