Online baccarat: 4 types of the most popular card comparison game


You may know the rules of standard baccarat game where the players should guess and choose any of the two hands that will get a total close to nine before the other hand does. Adding some variations to this predefined rule, there are several variations in the baccarat games played everywhere. You can สมัครบาคาร่า in any of these variations according to your wish on different casino websites. In this article, let us discuss the common types of this card comparison game in brief.

Punto bunco

Punto bunco is the traditional variation of the baccarat game commonly played in the North American continent and the related casinos. If you know the common rules of baccarat, you can play this variation as there will be only slight variations in the gameplay. You would have to guess the winning hand, while the banker’s job will be taken over by the casino itself.

Super pan 9

Here comes another version of baccarat played by the Americans. The specialty or difference of this variation is the use of decks of only 36 cards. You could not find cards with numbers from seven to nine in the deck used in this game. Also, each player will get only three cards for the game. The extra card rule and the winner calculation will be the same as other variations.

Chemin de fer

If you visit the websites of European casinos, you can find this variation of the game predominantly. When you compare the gameplay of Chemin de fer with the American version of baccarat, there will be numerous differences. The differences will start with the role of the banker as the players can take the responsibility of handling the cards. In a multiplayer game, each player will become the dealer when his turn arrives. You can go for an extra card or decide not to do so when you get five in total.

Baccarat en Banque

If you know to play the European Chemin de fer version of baccarat, you need not spend much time preparing to play the companion version of baccarat en Banque as the rules will mostly be the same. The one noticeable variation will be the position of the dealer for each round. In this variation, the one who plays with greater risk should play as a dealer. All other activities will happen similar to the previous variation.

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