Randy Wooten – Things That Budding Drummers Should Know


When many of us are younger and looking to pick up a musical instrument, we usually gravitate towards the guitar or a to bass guitar. The main reason for this is that they are low cost and they are easy to take around with us. There however some lucky kids who are able to get their hands on a set of drums. These are of course more expensive and they require additional space in the home. Regardless of this however, drums are great to play. Blue Man Group drummer Randy Wooten gave a funny interview lately about the joys of picking up the drums as a kid, which is a theme which we want to explore a little more today.

If you are a budding young drummer, here are some things that you need to know.

Being Quiet

Sadly this is literally one of the loudest musical instruments which you could pick up. The result of this is that you will have to  get used to being told to shut up, quite often. This could come from parents, neighbors, even strangers, and it is just a part of playing drums which you will have to get used to. This shouldn’t deter you of course, and within that is where you will get the rock and roll spirit which you need.

Playing In 10 Bands

Unless you live in a bustling city it is highly likely that you will be one of only a few drummers in your area. When you are young and everyone is in a band, you will find that there are only a couple of drummers to go around, yet there will easily be tens and tens of guitarists and bassists. What you can expect therefore is to get plenty of practice in and be playing for at least a couple of bands in your early years. This can in fact be a great learning curve for so many drummers.

Kit of Your Dreams

You may be looking at the likes of Neil Peart and Tommy Lee, and dreaming of that kind of huge kit with more toms than you can possibly cope with, yet this will be out of reach for most. The key in the beginning is to get good with what you have got. Parents don’t like buying drums at the best of times, and they certainly aren’t going to like buying more and more drums so that you can grow your kit.

Electronic Kits

Many turn their noses up at electronic kits but from a practice point of view they are absolutely brilliant. These kits can be sued with headphones so that you can practice without people complaining. Additionally these are portable and they can be taken around with you so that you are never too far from a kit. When you start saving up your own money, this is what you should be looking to buy next.

Drumming is awesome, and something which you are going to enjoy for life.

Abel Eino
the authorAbel Eino