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What is the first thought that pops into your head when we say, “Rich people are” Is it stingy? Snobs? Criminals? Are they lucky? Or are they smart people who work hard? How you think about money (i.e. your money mindset) will subconsciously influence how much you will earn in your life. Negative beliefs about money, for example, keep you broke or poor.

There are many beliefs about money ingrained in our society, and most of them are negative. What kind of beliefs are we talking about? And why are they not correct? You can have the best choices and options now Read more.

Unconscious beliefs in your money mindset

Researchers refer to beliefs about money as “money scripts,” we read on Psychology Today. Like lines read by an actor, money scripts are fixed beliefs we tell ourselves. We often do this unconsciously and these are passed on through the beliefs of your grandfathers, grandmothers and parents. We learn these money scripts by observing how the people around us talk about money, by listening to their views on the rich and the poor, and by looking at their financial behavior.

Our exposure to different perspectives on money is often limited, as we tend to associate primarily with people of similar beliefs and financial statuses. Our beliefs are therefore rarely challenged.

Prejudices about money

Do you want to challenge your beliefs about money? Below are some examples of ideas you can have that actually prevent your mindset from making a lot of money.

You can only save if you earn a lot

Gosh what, someone with a high salary can also live on such a big footing that he lives from salary slip to salary slip. You start living according to what you earn, and a big house also costs more money, for example. You can save money with any salary.

Of course we all want to have 10,000 or 100,000 euros in our savings account. But you cannot achieve this overnight. Think of a savings goal that you can slowly work towards. See how much you can realistically save and save every month and go for this. And remember: you can always change this amount (up or down) as long as you stick with it.

Money is not important in life

Okay, money alone doesn’t make you happy. There are plenty of rich people who are terribly miserable. But that money is not important in life is of course not entirely true. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make more money. Money is a means to make your dreams come true. And to have no more money worries. Money can also help the people you care about – with high medical bills, for example.

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