Sometimes Pool Equipment Needs Repair


Having a pool in Fort Worth is truly a gift.  The heat in the greater Fort Worth/Dallas Texas area can be blistering at times.  Nothing feels quite as good as jumping in the pool when the weather is too hot.

But you can’t enjoy your pool unless the water is properly cared for.  You will need a Fort Worth pool repair service to make sure your pool is always clean and safe to swim in.

Pool Pumps

If you don’t want algae growing on your water, your pool pump must be working.  The pump is what circulates the chemicals evenly through the pool. The pool pump carries the water to the filter so that the filter can clean out everything from frogs to algae.  The pool pump also circulates the water to the heater so that you can swim in winter.  Most importantly a pool pump moves the water through the chlorinator so that the water is safe and sanitary.

Don’t take chances when your pool pump needs a Fort Worth pool repair. WaterTex Pools in Fort Worth can be there in a jiffy with a licensed, experienced technician.

Pool Filters

Your pool filter does all the heavy lifting for keeping your water beautifully clear.  Being outside, your pool catches every little thing that flies through the air including leaves, insects, bird droppings, and pollen.  Also, the filter takes out the body oils from the water and excess calcium.

When your pool filter isn’t working your pool isn’t working.  You will need to call a Fort Worth pool repair service to clean or repair your filter. Our technicians can repair whatever may be broken in your filter.  Or your filter may just need to be cleaned.  Pool filters do not automatically clean themselves.  They have to be manually removed and cleaned out.

In a pool filter, the water is passed through something called “media.”  This can be one of several different things.  Some filters are filled with fine sand particles.  Others use a powder made of sea organisms called diatoms.  The Fort Worth pool repair service technicians will reverse the flow of the water back into the sewer system to clean out the debris.

Other filters are just cloth or cardboard.  These are easier to clean because you can just pull them out and wash them off.  However, they don’t hold up very long and have to be replaced.

Swimming Pool Heaters

Having a swimming pool heater here in Fort Worth can extend your swimming season by several months.

Traditionally, pool heaters are powered by electricity, propane, or natural gas.  Some pool heaters can also be chillers.  When the temperature outside gets too warm and the sun is bearing down, they can be programmed to cool the water.

Swimming pool heaters make it so nice when it’s chilly outside.  In milder climates, as we have here in Fort Worth, a solar pool heater is an energy-efficient way to heat a pool.  Our technicians are specially trained to work on all kinds of swimming pool heaters, including solar.

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