The Best P.A subwoofers – 2020


A P.A subwoofer is a must-have accessory for most venue owners, club owners, or DJs. P.A systems are ideal for offering the required sound to fill a room. However, some of them are not just good enough to go beyond the perfect frequencies without rolling off. A poor quality sound denies event listeners the taste of the life they need. A poor quality P.A system can be replaced by a subwoofer.

A subwoofer is perfect for filling all the missing low frequencies and provides the deep bass that a sound lacks. Every P.A subwoofer produces a bass tone, allowing listeners to enjoy music at the right frequency. Therefore, investing in the best P. A subwoofer is never a regrettable choice for any event organizer. They light up an occasion.

This article highlights the best subwoofers in 2020 together with their special features. The P.A subwoofers can be used by touring DJs, live bands, and club owners.

QSC KS212C Cardioid Active PA Subwoofer

The QSC KS212C Cardioid P.A subwoofer is the most powerful subwoofer. It has a 3600 Watt Class –D amplifier that pumps out the sound via 12 –inch long excursion drivers and a double 6th order band-pass model. It has a useful scene that includes a collection of frequently used applications. The set of subwoofers are easily portable and can be placed in any position, horizontally or vertically. Most importantly, they are light hence solid companions for traveling DJs.

Alto Truesonic 3 TS315S Powered Subwoofer

This P.A subwoofer is ideal for touring bands and event organizers. It is designed with special 1000W continuous and 2000W peak Class – D amplifiers and a 15” driver that produces the best low-end output. Unlike other subwoofer enclosures that are made from metal sheets or plastic, the Alto Truesonic 3 TS315S Powered subwoofer has a long-lasting dense wood enclosure. Most importantly, it has six DSP output modes that match it to almost all full-range speakers.

Yamaha Dxs15 Mkii 15″ Powered PA Subwoofer

These models of subwoofers have gained popularity in most events, clubs, and churches, courtesy of an improved 1020 W Class – D amplifier. Their enclosure is designed from plywood, making them easy to carry while still producing quality sound. Yamaha Dxs15 Mkii 15″ Powered PA Subwoofer is perfectly designed to produce a tight and clear bass with enhanced low-end frequency.

RCF Sub 705-AS II Active PA Subwoofer

With a 15” powerful woofer and a 3” coil that is powered by a 1400w amplifier, the RCF SUB 705-AS II is probably one of the best 2020 P.A subwoofers. The casing is designed from plywood to produce a powerful bass. It also features an in-built DSP and is easy to fix with any satellite speaker.


Investing in the best P.A subwoofer has so many advantages. Most PA speakers have limits, and balancing them with the right bass rarely succeeds. Subwoofers beat the odds because they are designed to completely control the bass in events. They can be placed anywhere and still guarantee the best bass frequencies.

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