The Cheating Issues or You Now and the Solutions


Take this test to ask to see your spouse’s cell phone and watch the reaction. If there is any sign of doubt, concern or discontent, it can be an indication that something is wrong. This is an excellent option for trying to discover a possible betrayal when there is suspicion.

Some applications, whether for photos, messages and others, in addition to the history of calls and search can hide evidence of a betrayal. However, watching the other person’s reaction is very important. It is worth remembering, however, that the reaction may not indicate much, since some people consider this type of conduct an invasion of privacy. And it is also not advisable to take the device to spy without asking, as this can end up causing a wear and tear in the relationship if you are caught in the act. A visit to is important there.

Ask How Was The Day

Just like asking to see on the cell phone, asking how the other person’s day was can also work to discover a possible betrayal. So, pay attention to your partner’s behavior. If he or she seems to be getting involved in the story or making an effort to change it, there may be some secrets. If the answer is natural and without too much detour, it is possible that everything is right and there is no betrayal.

Uncertain times

Come home at a different time than you usually do. Visit your spouse at work. Say you’re going to work later and come home. Observe the reactions of the other, if you are hiding something, you will not receive it calmly and with a wide smile on your face. You may even be angry.

Monitor the computer

This tip is not the most ethical, but it works. Install a keylogger on your spouse’s personal computer (never your company’s) and see everything the other person does online. A computer technician can install and teach you how to use.

Monitor the car

Still in line with the ethical few, there are global satellite positioning devices that can track the exact location of a vehicle 24 hours a day.

Assume some points

Don’t think that your spouse is simpleton. If he wants to hide something from you or if he is having an affair, it is very likely that some behaviors will be avoided:

  • Use your home computer to send emails
  • Use the home phone to make calls
  • Changing routine or behavior patterns
  • Say you go to the mall and arrive without shopping
  • Do not complain about strange working hours
  • Stop being affectionate to you
  • Leave clues on clothes like hair or perfumes

Follow it

Especially after a fight. If your partner has been looking for reasons to fight and then go out and stay out for a while, go see where he is going.

Watch it carefully

Behavior changes often happen due to the stress of leading a double life and hiding traces. Your spouse will experience changes in sleep patterns, anxiety levels, low sexual interest and general dissatisfaction with life. Guilt can make you try to please your partner excessively. When you have all the evidence, then yes, confront him. But be prepared for all the consequences. Everything is possible. From a fight and a sincere apology to physical violence, if you feel that this is the case, surround yourself with the necessary security.

Abel Eino
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