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On the New York Stock Exchange, the difference increases further to go from 51.80 euros in a hard bank to 19 euros in an online establishment. There are costs that increase your potential capital gain.  The use of the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 comes up perfect there.

Regarding custody rights, the finding is just as clear. These are quite simply absent from the price brochures of most Internet brokers, often on condition that a minimum number of transactions are carried out. But in a traditional banking network, you will be forced to opt for the bank’s investments in order to benefit from discounts! Taken together, these fees can represent significant sums, as shown by our annual list of banking fees, based on an active stock market profile. Managing his stock savings plan will cost him an average of 335.27 euros, compared to 240.51 euros in an online bank (see below). At the least expensive for this profile, Fortuneo, the cost even drops to 93.60 euros.

Skip the entry fees

In the hunt for costs, I ask for the Sicav. Here again, performance is reduced by successive layers of costs. Tied to management fees, you can however get rid of all or part of your entry fees.

Find our annual list of the best performing and most regular funds over 5 years

First by politely asking the intermediary with whom you are subscribing. But, this levy being used to remunerate him, it will be necessary to seriously argue. Your interlocutor will be easier to convince if he is independent than if he is an employee of a banking establishment because he will have more freedom of action. Failing to make him listen to reason, go to an online broker. These offer a selection of funds with 0% or 1% entry fees, including among the most popular products on the list (see table below). You will be able to save up to 5%, which will be directly reflected in the performance of your funds, without you having to ask for anything.

Stock market: think about trackers

More than 22,000 options are marketed in France. Impossible to know them all … If you do not have time to devote to these numerous products, you can certainly trust your favorite magazine! But you can also be content with making your asset allocation in the major geographic market areas: France, the euro zone or Europe, the United States, Japan and emerging markets. How? ‘Or’ What ? Using trackers, or ETF (for exchange traded funds).

With them, don’t expect a selection of specific stocks, they simply replicate the performance of an index. On the other hand, they show small costs compared to an actively managed fund, particularly in terms of management fees, displayed between 0.1 and 0.5%. The offer is gradually expanding, with trackers targeting countries or even business sectors. And many of them, including those invested internationally, are eligible for the equity savings plan.

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