The Steps Taken by Factoring companies


Choosing a factoring company is one of the best financial decisions you will make. One should not take the process of looking for a factoring company lightly. You will probably work with this company for a while, and your business success depends on it.

Working with a factoring company ensures you receive your payment immediately, and therefore there is a steady cash flow for your business. If you are unfamiliar with how Houston factoring companies work, allow me to take you there step by step workings for a better understanding;

Identify a Factoring Company

Factoring companies range from small to large, each with its specialty, including medical, transport, and fashion. You need to identify a factoring company specific to your industry, and more so one with vast knowledge and experience on the same.

The longer they have been in the industry, the better their experience. Notably, a company’s age is not a reliable experience determinant. Take into consideration reviews from other customers, both online and from referrals.

Application for Financing

You need to fill and submit a finance application form. Each company has its application method. The factoring company then evaluates whether the transaction is possible and whether it is favorable for all involved parties.

They then go ahead and do a credit analysis on the client. Here they determine if the client is creditworthy, reducing the risk of losses if things go south. The process is quite fast, and you may receive an answer on the same day.


Upon completion of analyzing the transaction, the factoring company sends a proposal to the seller. The proposal contains three key components—advance rate, length of term, and the factoring fee amount.

Notably, the advance rate is the amount you receive in the first phase of payment, while the factoring fee is the amount the company receives once the client clears the debt. Once you have agreed with the proposal, you are required to sign a contract, after which you should soon receive your first phase of funding.

Initial Account Setting

The factoring company sends a notice to the clients whose invoice you wish to factor. Notice of assignment is the document used in almost all factors. It informs the clients on how to handle the payment.

Funding Invoices

Each factoring company has a unique submission process. Most times, you submit the invoice you want to finance online. Upon verification by the factoring company, you receive your advanced payment.

Settling the Debt

It is the responsibility of the factoring company to ensure that the clients settle their debt. They clear each transaction as the clients make their payments. Once paid, the factoring company pays the remaining advance payment fee. The second funding fee is usually less of the factoring fee you had agreed on.


Factoring companies help improve the cash flow while protecting your business from the impact of overdue debts. The processing steps are straightforward and take less time than waiting for bank loans. If in debt, you should give it a try and watch as your business scales to greater heights.

Abel Eino
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