Toilet Repairs you Should Know about 


Toilets are a basic necessity for all on earth, but all do not know necessary toilet repairs. Toilets come in different shapes, sizes, colors and even differ from one country to another. Though, the basic need remains universal. While toilets are made to last for decades, it does come with many common problems. It can range from something as small but annoying as running water, rusted parts to flushing problems. Whatever these problems are, there are solutions to them.

This basic need-to-know about toilets is a helpful tool for anyone in urban or rural areas. The fundamentals remain the same.

  •   Running Water

One of the most common problems in toilets is slow stream-like running water after flushing. The water just doesn’t seem to stop for hours on end. A simple explanation for this fault can be the seal in your tank. You need to tighten or replace the seal to stop water from seeping into your toilet.

  •   Corrosion

Ever had a problem with your flush handle? This is a common toilet problem. However, this toilet repair is simple and easy. At times when your flush handle seems not to have any leverage, check for corrosion. Because the part comes in contact with water and is sealed in a container, it is prone to rust. You can replace the part that is damaged or simply clean off the rust with an acidic solution.

  • Unstable Toilet

What sounds to be a major problem comes with an easy solution. An unstable toilet is when your toilet doesn’t sit level on the ground. This can be due to age or simple loose bolts. However, to avoid further damage, this repair needs to be done immediately.

You can either tighten the loose bolts or get new ones in case your toilet is old. Some old toilets are cemented into the ground. Hence, leveling it again with cement will strengthen your toilet seat as well.

  • Slow Flush

A standard indicator of slow flushing is a clogged or blocked drain. This problem is minor, but it can turn major if not accessed properly. Keep an eye out for plastics, toilet rolls, or any object that seems to be blocking the drain. If reachable, fish it out or push slowly to allow the drain to flush itself. However, if the problem seems to be much worse, you may need a professional plumber to take care of it.


Toilets are easy to maintain and clean. However, its potential problems are often overlooked. Therefore, significant problems can arise.

Most toilet repairs are common and easy to fix with little knowledge. Knowing the bits and pieces of how your toilet works can be beneficial in the long run.

Properly maintaining your own toilets is the best way to save a ton of money and time. However, there are toilet repairs that may need an expert. Therefore, correctly assessing the situation is also very crucial for your toilet to function correctly.

Abel Eino
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