What Are the Advantages of Ink Rub Testing?


Ink abrasion test is also known as ink rub test which is crucial for the measurement of the ink resistance against rubbing on packaging materials. They are designed to bring new levels of repeatability and convenience to test the durability of inks coatings or any other printed material. Scuff, rub resistance of cartons, films and any other commercial printed materials can be tested by the ink rub tester. They come in different sizes with various specifications under different brands.

What is an Ink Rub Test?

Testing or checking the strength of the labels is known as ink run testing. This practice helps in promoting product safety, ensuring all the products have complied with international standards. There are several other advantages of this method, which have been discussed in the latter part of the article. In rub, testing is normally done against a coarse surface several times. Different types of fluids like soaps, alcohol, and several other products can be used to test if the information can be erased. It’s essential for the ink to be durable in normal handling. It’s also important for the printer to ensure that the printing inks will meet the rub resistance requirements.

Importance of Ink Rub Testing

  1. Increases product safety: A proper ink rub testing surely increases product safety because it protects the vital product information mentioned on the labels. For example, model numbers, basic usage instructions, and several other vital information are crucial.
  2. Matching global standard: A product should be compiled with all the national and international global standards so that it fits perfectly in the market. Label standards should be taken seriously and pay extra attention to ensure the information is not vague.
  3. Increases product value: Another effective benefit of ink rub testing is that it increases the boost product value. Only an ink rub tester can be used to increase the product value as well as durability. The product label is the identification of a manufacturer as it contains all the product details. At the same time, the manufacturers want to get the top resale value of their product. An ink rub testing makes sure that the label of the product lasts long which increases its value.
  4. Evaluate printing quality: Ink layer testing is an effective parameter to evaluate the printing quality. If the ink layer is poor then the printed words on the paper may become illegible and abraded in transportation.


The importance of abrasion resistance of the ink layer is important so that the product image is not compromised. The testing is usually done to ensure they are durable enough to stand the test of time. During the shipping or handling process, the products will be exposed to different circumstances, and so it’s crucial to measure the rub resistance bonding of ink with the printable surface. The ink rub tester can also analyze the rub resistance of different materials, analyzing the wearing properties of sample material under consideration.

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