What Are The Key Features Of A Montessori Pre-School?


We have heard about Montessori pre-school and its role in developing a child’s character development. This article will focus on the same and discuss what are the significant benefits of a Montessori Method of education. The child-friendly atmosphere and decor naturally attract the kids and they find it to be interesting. The founder of this unique education system is Dr. Maria Montessori, who wanted to build this system for child development. Not only for education but also as an easy way to flourish. Whether it is creativity, social skills, concentration, or emotional intelligence, all the features can be developed in a child with the Montessori training.

Advantages of Montessori School

  1. Classrooms are filled with children of different ages: A classroom with different children with different age groups can help in unfolding unique learning opportunities. The younger children can learn different skills from the older ones and the older can help the younger ones. Their harmony in the class helps in building characters and moving to the next activity. Developing various skills and empathy are great for teamwork.
  2. Learning self-discipline: When a child is only engaged with conventional education, there is hardly any chance of building a sense of self-discipline. But joining a montessori pre-school can definitely help in making the child aware of responsibilities. The proper guidance from the teachers and the framework help them to utilize the time constructively. Living with various children and belonging to a particular group is helpful in realizing the responsibilities.
  3. Freedom to learn: The teachers in Montessori school allow the students to pursue their activities independently. Every child is different and they all have different interests. The teachers observe their interests and help them pursue the right activity. There is no pressure to learn only one subject. A child may be interested in playing while some are interested in singing. All of them are different and they can pursue their interests accordingly.
  4. Compassionate community: The environment of a Montessori school is hand-to-hand learning. There is no competition or pressure to become first. The teachers teach valuable lessons to the children so that they can feel proud of their achievements. Experiential learning helps them in remembering the subject for a long time. The children learn sympathy for each other and resolve their conflicts on their own.


There are too many Montessori pre-school organizations that follow this special way to train the child. They put great emphasis on yoga, practical life, meditation, and music. There are different branches available across the world. Before taking admission from any branch, always make sure they have a good reputation in the area. The teacher faculty, the way they treat the children, and the classroom environment, are all essential to know before sending a child to a particular school. True Montessori education can have a life-long impact on a child. Therefore it is important to make the choice wisely. The traditional education system is not enough for character building which Montessori training does.

Abel Eino
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