What Are Vitamin Deficiency Headaches? Find Here!


Frequent or sudden headaches can be hard to manage. There are varied triggers and causes of headaches, and knowing the actual cause is important for appropriate treatment. Did you know that headaches can be triggered by vitamin deficiencies? In this post, we are discussing more on vitamin deficiency headaches.

The basics

While people know thatvitamins and minerals are necessary for body function, they don’t take their diet as seriously as they should. There is evidence that vitamin deficiency can cause headaches. Most vitamins are derived through food, while vitamin D is synthesized through sun exposure. If you have been dealing with unexpected and sudden headaches, it could be related to vitamin deficiency, and this can happen even when you are taking multivitamin pills.

Which vitamin deficiencies cause headaches?

Frequent headaches could be related to deficiency of B vitamins, mainly B12. Homocysteine is an amino acid produced naturally in the body, and if homocysteine is produced in high levels, it can cause many symptoms, including headaches. Vitamin B is known to reduce homocysteine levels in the body, and thereby, can help in reducing headaches. You can have meats of all kinds to get your B vitamins, especially beef, chicken, and eggs. Vegans can go for options like soybeans.

Vitamin E is useful for reducing migraines that happen before or on the onset of menstrual cycle. Vitamin E works in favor of reducing headaches, by minimizing arachidonic acid in the body. You can find Vitamin E pills in the market, but go for natural foods like seeds and nuts. If you suffer from headaches during your period, you can increase intake of Vitamin E before menstruation.

The last one on this list is Vitamin D. Not many people know that Vitamin D deficiency can be the direct cause or trigger for a headache. You may find issues related to sleep, if you are deficient in Vitamin D, which can eventually lead to a headache. Seafood like salmon, and mushrooms are great sources of this vitamin.

When to see a doctor?

If your headaches are frequent and you are unsure of the cause, seeing a doctor is the best thing you can do. Keep in mind that just taking vitamin pills is not enough at times. You can visit a headache treatment clinic, where doctors can help you understand and find causes that are otherwise ignored.

With appropriate treatment, treating any type of headache is not hard.

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