Where to learn about cryptos? Earnity`s Domenic Carosa explains.


The debut of Bitcoin sparked a blockchain boom that has resulted in over 15,000 virtual currency projects and numerous crypto-related goods and services today. Exclusive, pricey, and restricted crypto exchange listings are no longer available.

Earnity co-founders know that these new assets, tokens, and initiatives require deeper awareness to develop an open and accessible crypto community.

The complexities of cryptocurrencies

Crypto has a jargon/internal language barrier, and understanding all of the value propositions and reasons for existence for various types of crypto is a difficult task for a newbie. In terms of design, at Earnity, they believe that the concept of social-first and collection-oriented user-driven content will go a long way toward alleviating what is quickly becoming a major crypto access barrier.

So, with crypto, the design problem is to enable personal financial autonomy and independence enabled by cryptosystems while also designing secure systems that are simple to interface with and comprehend.

Earnity might be made for you if you want to learn about crypto

As a business founded by financial professionals like Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, they firmly think that crypto and decentralized finance will play a critical role in ensuring that everyone has access to opportunities. And, despite the fact that crypto has gone from high niche to popular fringe in just over a decade, there is still a lot of work to be done to make crypto simple, safe, and pleasurable to use.

Earnity will be a terrific location for you to expand your following if you’re a crypto content producer or influencer. They offer creator-friendly tools to let you interact with and engage consumers in ways that aren’t currently possible.

The rise of web3 will enable everyone to break free from traditional media paradigms, as well as the shady bots that have previously ruled the internet

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