Why Customers Choose RCN over Other Internet Providers


RCN brings its customers the top quality and the best prices. Operating in selected stated across the US, the company has managed to grow its services among millions of customers with its high speed internet, its digital TV packages and Home Phone services like no other.

By focusing on customer care, the company has managed to maintain its steady growth and popularity. They have the advantage of providing convenience for their customers. RCN has internet plans with a crazy level of internet speeds to suit different needs, it has the one of the best channel lineup in the country, several features and great call plans. And let’s not forget, it’s quite easy to pay the bills with RCN. Simply download the RCN mobile app and pay online by logging in with your RCN login ID. It even allows you to set up an Auto Pay option so your bill gets paid monthly, right on time.

Fiber Based Internet Service

RCN uses a fiber rich network that is basically the best internet technology that is available. With that they are able to provide a high speed, reliable internet connection to their customers.

There are several internet plans available, and many other bundles too that include other RCN services – all in very reasonable prices. Every subscription comes with a free internet security suite that protects your home network from malware, and an RCN webmail full of features. Customers can enjoy unlimited data every month, with no mandatory contracts to sign. That is one of the things RCN is so widely recommended for, unlike other providers that bind customers into contracts that can result in hefty termination fees.

RCN Digital TV

Whether its basic TV or digital TV, RCN has both! Enjoy a mix of some of the most premier national network channels and over 80 international channels, all in HD with the additional option of subscribing to the 4K Ultra HD service – and everything at the most affordable prices!

RCN even offers the TiVo T6 DVR, featuring Facebook and Netflix services, and 150 hours of storage in HD quality. Browse through hundreds of On Demand titles in the RCN library, and make use of the Parental Controls to filter viewership for the younger ones.

Digital Home Phone

This is nothing like the standard home phones we are used to in our homes. It’s even better than the wireless telephone sets.

Along with great calling packages, RCN’s digital home phone features 17 features some that you may not be familiar with such as: call waiting, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, call block, and a thing called Nomrobo that blocks unwanted calls from telemarketers. That’s right, the RCN home phone allows you to easily use such features just like you can with mobile phones.

RCN has several packages that include unlimited call time to anywhere in the US, and even Canada for some. Make all the long distance calls to your loved ones with zero interruptions and static.

Thinking of subscribing to RCN services? Or just want to get more detailed information on their bundles? Call the RCN customer service phone number at any time! Customer representatives are available to assist around the clock.

Abel Eino
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