Your Rules Of Thumb While Moving Amidst The Covid19 Pandemic


With work from home attaining prominence nowadays, you might not need to step out of the house very often. And this might not be the best time to shift to a new place, as well. Yet, situations might so arise that you need to pack your luggage and make a move. If shifting is inevitable, then there are some considerations that you should better be not without.

When Not To Move

Whether you share an apartment or live with your family, there are certain times when you should postpone moving. If anyone in your place shows the indications of Covid-19, then it is best not to move for the time being. Also, take some time before moving if any of your people have just recovered from it. This is not only for the safety of you and your people but also for the professionals who would be helping to pack and move. Always remember that amidst the pandemic, the crews of the best moving companies in Toronto keep working as front liners. The best and most reliable moving companies in Toronto are not charging anything extra for last-minute postpone requests for a health emergency. And if the movers cancel your previous appointment for similar causes, then they would arrange for a replacement without much ado.

Stock Up On the Sanitizers

The best moving companies in Toronto, Ontario, would bring their supplies of sanitizers, masks, and gloves. Even then, it makes sense to have an extra set of wipes, disinfectants, and masks. Compromising on hygiene is the last thing that you would do amidst the pandemic. You can also:

  1. Set reminders to wash your hands.
  2. Make others clean their hands at regular intervals.
  3. To ensure the cleaning, you would want to spray disinfectants on the packing boxes.
  4. See that all of your packers and movers are wearing their masks.
  5. Sanitize the vulnerable areas like doors, doorknobs, tables, windows, kitchen slab, lights, switches, furniture, among others. Ideally, sanitize the places before the packers and movers arrive.

Other Precautionary Measures

It is a good idea to sanitize your new property even before shifting. You can either request your real estate agent to make arrangements, so hire professionals on your own. Get the necessary repairs jobs done beforehand, as well. Also, consider packing most of your belongings with the existing packing boxes. If you need to buy new cardboard boxes, let it sit untouched for a day. As researchers have put it, the virus is likely to stay on the cardboard for about 24 hours.


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