How To Get Commercial Property Foundations Repaired And Renovated


Just like any other building, commercial foundations need occasional repairs. The decision to repair a commercial foundation from time to time is very important. Foundation cracks and settlement issues if not repaired on time might cause severe damage to the entire property. During hot weather, the clay soil beneath the foundations often ends up shrinking whereas during rains or cold it expands. This might cause serious danger for commercial buildings that are holding heavyweights. To protect the commercial buildings from any damage one needs to hire a professional commercial foundation repairs agency that provides solutions for every commercial foundation problem no matter how complex it might look.

What does a professional commercial foundation repairs company do?

A professional team has the years of knowledge and expertise to take on challenges and provide solutions for every sort of commercial foundation’s issues. A professional team takes care of everything from scratch, right from inspecting, then finding out the root cause and providing a required solution to sort out the issue.

Foundation repair types range from concrete slabs to even piers. Residential buildings and houses typically have one or two foundation types.  Whereas commercial buildings stand on rod installations or steel beam installations so that the foundation can hold the heavyweight and be stable throughout. The amount required to fix the damage typically depends on 3 factors- the type of damage, the construction quality of the building and the building’s capability, and whether there is any new pier installation required.

What causes commercial foundation problems?

Though the major reason behind most commercial foundation issues is due to soil problems, it’s not the only reason.

Here are some other reasons that might hamper a commercial foundation:

  • Heavy structural weight is hampering the foundation
  • Due to lack of ground moisture the soil might start sinking
  • Growth of tree roots below the foundation
  • Poor drainage system beneath the commercial foundation
  • The soil might be getting depleted of moisture due to the growth of trees and plant roots.
  • Landslides
  • Poor foundation construction
  • Wrong placement of gutter downspouts
  • Plumbing leaks in both interior and exterior of the building

When to call a professional commercial repair agency?

Every building should go through professional inspections at least once a year or once every two years. One needs to call a professional commercial foundation repairs agency if the following signs are found during the inspection of a building:

  • Cracks occurring in the ceilings and walls
  • Appearance of cracks on slabs
  • If door & windows are not shutting smoothly
  • There is a gap between the walls and the foundation
  • Windows are bowing or leaning out
  • Soil is getting away from the actual foundation
  • Foundation is chipping, flaking, or crumbling
  • Sloping or uneven floors
  • Foundation is shifting or sinking.


No matter how strong the commercial building is, every commercial property needs to be inspected and repaired after a given period of time. And a professional commercial foundation repairs company knows very well when and what needs to be done. So hire a renowned professional agency and get an overall estimate required for the repair and renovation of the commercial building.

Abel Eino
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